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Deploy Laravel Application on linux server with Github




  • GitHub repository (public) with Laravel project.

Step 1 - Clone your repository

#cd into your directory where you want to clone your gitHub repository
$ cd ~/repositories
[repositories]$ git clone

Clone Successful 🥳

Step 2 - cd into the project

[repositories]$ cd my-laravel-app

Step 3 - Change Permissions

[my-laravel-app]$ sudo chmod 777 -R bootstrap
[my-laravel-app]$ sudo chmod 777 -R storage

Step 4 -  List of commands to set up your laravel project

$ composer install --optimize-autoloader
$ composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev
$ mv .env.example .env
#edit you .env file
$ nano .env
$ php artisan key:generate
$ php artisan migrate --seed
$ php artisan storage:link
$ php artisan config:cache
$ php artisan route:cache
$ php artisan view:cache
$ php artisan optimize:clear
$ php artisan optimize

Step 5 - Error Fix

Error : SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Permission denied

Edit .env and change DB_HOST= to DB_HOST=localhost

Step 6 - Link (symlink) domain root directory to ~/repositories/my-laravel-app/public folder.

$ ln -s /repositories/my-laravel-app/public /var/www/

YAY! 🥳 Setup is complete. 


In this tutorial, I'll walk you through how to deploy laravel project on any Linux server using GitHub.

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